Jimmy Carter savages US foreign policy over drone strikes

Former president calls on Washington to regain moral leadership in wake of drone strikes and targeted assassinations Former US president Jimmy Carter has declared that drone strikes and targeted assassinations abroad have seen the country violating human rights in a way that "abets our enemies and alienates our friends". In a stinging attack on US foreign policy, Carter said America was ...

Congress Urges Benghazi Arrests

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa says the Obama administration must arrest suspects charged in Benghazi attack, as Congress fears delays will put American lives at risk. Obama on Leno: Terror Threat Requires 'Every Precaution' Suspected US Drone Kills 7 Alleged Al Qaeda Militants in Yemen Yemen Says It Foiled Al Qaeda Plot to Take Control of Cities

Obama's drone rules are a joke

Last (month), President Obama announced restrictions on U.S. drone strikes. He touted the rules — “written policy standards and procedures that formalize and strengthen the Administration's rigorous process” for authorizing targeted killings — in a policy statement, a speech and a background briefing by senior administration officials

White House won’t confirm reported drone strike against Waliur Rehman

Six days after President Barack Obama addressed criticisms about the use of drones to kill suspected terrorists and signed new guidelines regarding their usage, the White House declined to confirm the newest report of a drone strike. The Associated Press, Reuters and other news outlets reported Wednesday that a U.S. drone strike Wednesday killed Pakistani [...]